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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Test Mode Progress


The test mode work is progressing.  Spinners have been added to the GUI to allow me to intercept the pressure and temperature sensors.  This  will allow me to manually enter readings into the program and test state transitions as temperatures and pressure changes.

Effectively, I will be able to simulate cooling and evacuation cycles etc. without having to actually wait for the unit to cool off. This will significantly reduce the time it takes to test the state transitions.


At the moment, I have the spinners showing when the code is compiled into a test version.  I use C++ conditional compilation to add the spinners and associated test code.  The spinners already have ranges and stepping programmed properly. Additionally, when the temperature or pressure units are changed, the spinners will automatically convert to the new units.


The next step is to insert the intercept code into the sensor code module. At that point, the software will read the spinners instead of the sensors when in test mode.

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