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Planning (Control System)

Since we want to radically change how the refrigerator operates, it will be necessary to assume control over the control system of the unit. In order to get feedback from the system as we test, I am using the Raspberry Pi to monitor and run operation of the system.  This will allow data logging, graphical output, and intelligent decisions made using the C++ programming language.

I will monitor the temperature of the freezer and the refrigerator compartments.  I will also monitor the vacuum level on the system.  This information can be used to determine how the freeze drying operation is progressing.  I will also be able to cycle the compressor as needed.  Cycling the condenser fan, the 2nd stage cooler (if needed) etc.

There are circulation fans inside the freezer and refrigerator compartments, typically.  The RPi is  capable of controlling these fans also.

This will also allow me to monitor and control the systems from anywhere in the world.  I am not sure this is needed, but the RPi makes it possible.

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