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Monday, January 4, 2021

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Alert Hysteresis Registers Tested

 I have completed round 1 testing of the alert hysteresis registers and associated functions.  

Hysteresis settings allow the user to set a range of acceptable temperatures. If the measured temperature is outside that range, the alert will go to a set state. 

Abstraction of WiringPi Functions

I made simple abstraction functions to replace the WiringPi functions.  this allows me to use WiringPi libraries without being totally reliant on them.  If a new, better library is found, I can replace a few abstraction functions and the rest of the code will not need touched.

MCP9600 Alert registers almost complete

The MCP9600 has 4 programmable alerts.  I have began coding C++ functions that allow these to be set and read. The MCP9600 is programmed in Celsius, so I am adding functions that will allow programming in C, F, K and R temperature standards.